Decomposing Loops

Decomposing Loops (ICA commission) (2012)

Naomi Kashiwagi was nominated by Cornerhouse and commissioned by ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art), London, to produce a new sound work for SOUNDWORKS. Over one hundred new sound works were produced by artists from all over the world. Selected by ICA’s curators and art institutions worldwide, the artists were invited to submit a sound work, taking its stimulus from themes evoked in Bruce Nauman’s Days

Naomi’s sound work, Decomposing Loops is entirely composed of a singular 78rpm gramophone record loop, that is repeated and layered and over time becomes fragmented. The loops are composed of the sound of the re-appropriated record slowing down before it eventually stops at the end of the song. Tactile re-appropriation techniques have been used to extract the intrinsic sounds and no additional audio effects have been applied. Decomposing Loops echo and reverberate the same musical fragment, repeatedly, illuminating the inherent simplicity and complexity of repetition.