Gramophonics involves live gramophone glitching, manually maintained looping and mechanical beat making and matching by playing re-appropriated 78rpm records on a wind-up gramophone. This form of gramophone turntablism reinvents the uses of obsolete mechanical musical hardware.

Naomi extracts unexpected sounds and musical fragments from existing music from 78rpm records using tactile techniques. This includes cutting electrical tape and applying it in radiating strips to records to create additional tactile layers that create percussive discordances and unexpected harmonies as the steel needle staggers or glides across the discreetly undulating strips of electrical tape.

Naomi also makes her own DIY self-amplifying styluses to capture otherworldly inherent sounds. She is currently researching into material resonance frequencies and mechanical oscillations. Gramophonics show the potential to transform sounds from a specific era (1920s-1950s) to sounds that sound post contemporaneous, like Detroit House Music and Ambient Techno.