Puffin Crossing Carousel

New work commissioned by Cornerhouse, Manchester for the Playtime exhibition (22 Nov 2014 – 15 Mar 2015).

For Puffin Crossing Carousel, the puffin (pedestrian user-friendly intelligent ) outside Cornerhouse was transformed into a gleeful carousel with a group of Puffin Crossing Carousellers performing choreographed movements, whilst waiting at and traversing this pedestrian crossing, with a musical backdrop of L’opéra des jours heureux (The Happy Days Opera) by Francis Lemarque from the film Playtime  by Jacques Tati. The choreography for Puffin Crossing Carousel incorporated exaggerated everyday movements that people use when using pedestrian crossings and also fun, comic and playful umbrella carousel dancing.

Cornerhouse is located on the bustling intersection of Oxford Street and Whitworth Street. It has puffin crossings that safely orchestrate the ebb and flow of moving traffic and pedestrians passing through and across Manchester. This puffin crossing is a place that has a potential ever-changing temporary audience, waiting pedestrians, stationery drivers and cyclists that can unexpectedly encounter, experience Puffin Crossing Carousel. Puffin Crossing Carousel explores an unintended use of a pedestrian crossing, as a carousel that people can merrily go round and others spectate; extra-ordinary and playful, yet still embracing the inherent function of the puffin crossing. Puffin Crossing Carousel aims to show how small, extra-ordinary moments and things can inspire joie de vivre in everyday life.

Puffin Crossing Carousel was photographed and images of the performance were shown as slide photographs, projected from a slide carousel in the Playtime exhibition at Cornerhouse from February 2015 until the end of the exhibition.